He who acts….

He who acts before he thinks will spend more time thinking about his mistakes than he who listens to his thoughts first. she stands up for herself without putting others down is like the rising Sun always bright but never overpowering. hate is a sickness of the mind wash the infection clean with understanding the answers often lay right in front of you. the problem is you seek in the distance when in reality the answers are simple. honesty is born of the heart it is not about speaking your mind is about being true to your heart in speech and actions. sometimes the only way forward is to walk away you cannot win every battle you must remove yourself to live another day. it is foolish to think you can solve a problem in the same mindset that it was created the truth unfolds overtime relationships are built on understanding if you are not clear with what you want you shouldn’t be surprised with what you get. Ignorance takes root in he who sits alone unless you heal the root of the problem the pain will not go. you can hide from it but the problem stays until you dig deep. he who can turn negative situations and something positive to true man until you can do that you’re nothing but a child to my eyes.


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