Hey guys sorry its been a while. I’ve been crazy busy at the new shop and life in general. I got my diploma in hand August 30th. It felt fantastic to have my third diploma in another thing I’m very passionate about. As I promised I got before and after photos of the renovations that I’ve been dying to share. Go follow us on instagram at @MelonHairLounge. My team is so excited to bring a taste of the city to Kamloops. Find us on Facebook as well under Melon Hair Lounge. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you. To book your appointment with some of the top hairdressers and colourists that have come first place in competitions around the world call us to book your appointment 250.376.7177




It begins

So I’ve finally finished moving. I received a job last week without a resume or interview. Word of mouth is a glorious thing. I’ve worked only two days so far and have been filling up my days very quickly. The word is getting out that I’m back. Our salon is getting renovated and gutted August 17-27th. I am nervous and very excited for the new look and name. It’s about time we brought something fresh and clean to Kamloops. I’ll post a link when the website it up. Xo

Out with the old in with the new

So it’s been a bit lately since I have blogged. This month has been a busy one. I’m between moving two houses into one. I had my birthday last week (july 17) but my party on Saturday night. What a night Saturday was. My girls and I went to shine in gastown where we met some friends there. Our friends reserved the VIP for my birthday that had never ending flow of gin and cranberry. We danced the night away. I went home when the sun was alright up. In other words it was an amazing and unforgettable night. I love my girls. I’m going to miss these nights with them once we all part after summer is over. We will be a plane ride away from one another. It’s so sad I’ve spent the last year with these amazing friends and how we have grown to become so close. They will forever be my life timers.
As for this moving situation. It is a lot harder than we thought it would be. And given my chaos of a busy lifestyle I barely have time to pack and move the last bit of my things. Mind you my apartment is so bloody hot I have a hard time even caring to move my body when it’s so hot. I’m almost done. Only a week and a half to go and we have to say bye to out amazing place here in Vancouver. Where we have made many memories over the last year and a half. I’ll miss this place.
I’m only 15 days away from graduating with my third diploma and already been offered a job up in Kamloops at Tabu. The owner who is a business friend from Vancouver has bought the salon and spa off an older lady to which I have worked with before but is soon to be retired. It’s time to bring Kamloops something more than the normal Kamloops talent.